A group of dedicated and passionate activists in Ohio, dedicated to empowering, educating, and adding local citizens in pursuing their constitutional rights to home rule.
Brand Identity - Brand Strategy - Copywriting - Logo design - Website Development - Collateral Pack - Webstore - Stationary - Donation Page
SMC™ wanted a clean and trusted look, with a little something to separate them from other organizations.
We chose a minimalistic color palette with a Sapphire Blue gradient - placing them apart from the expected green hues that saturate the cannabis industry.
A simple pairing of font weights allows for clear communication, placing emphasis on key themes and messages throughout the brand.
Seamless patterns were a must-have for SMC. With such a strong focus on people's right to home grow, they needed the perfect backgrounds and designs to spread their message. We created a pattern of backgrounds and fonts for SMC to use online, printed, and for ads.
Having merchandise to promote your work is a great way to fundraise while spreading your main focused message. We created an online store for SMC giving them the opportunity to fundraise and spread their message of home rule and home grow.
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