Cleveland's Finest 216 is a monster in the fashion and entertainment industry. With the launch of their local business, CEO Alonzo Knight came to Diseno to ensure his branding would be consistent and recognizable. 
Brand Identity - Brand Strategy - Logo design - Website Development - Collateral Pack - Webstore - Stationary - E-commerce
Cleveland's Finest 216 goal is to represent happiness and joy. We created a minimalist color palette using bright and sophisticated tones that shared a happy color that represents the brand.
Don’t get us wrong, CF216's existing brand was actually pretty cool. We simply came along to load it with more colors and add more Cleveland to it.
Cleveland's Finest 216 ships their amazing clothing designs all around the nation and even outside of the US and what better way to represent your brand than with amazing shipping box designs too. 
Contact information should be simple, but represent, and what better way to do that, than with colorful and branded business cards.
We put together a set of assets for the promotion of the brand and the clothing lines too.
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